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Constructing worlds

“To construct” means "to structure", "to shape". And in a sense "to change the world". At Artia we realize the power of these wording. We understand the dynamics of the construction industry. It is our conscious decision, through our work, to change the world for the better. To achieve optimal results not only for our customers, but for everyone and everything around us.

The range of construction services we provide is particularly extensive: from residential buildings, private homes, industrial spaces and offices, to shops, tourist accommodation, public buildings and technical projects. In addition, we cover every stage of the process, starting with the location of the property, the planning, the preparation of the budget and the financing, all the way to the construction and the subsequent management.

We count more than 50 years of experience within the industry, during which we have worked with both private investors and the public sector. The high level of our services is a hallmark of the way we work, while we are characterized by reliability, adherence to strict schedules, proper cost management and commitment to quality.

Whatever we do, we focus on you. To build the world you dream of, we first and foremost build a relationship of mutual appreciation and trust with you. We ask for your active participation throughout the process, because every project we undertake is mostly inspired by your needs and executed accordingly. Together we identify the details that lead to your maximum level of satisfaction. Together we produce an even result, save time, reduce costs, eliminate the risks right from the start. The future is founded right here, right now, by the greatest of all teams; you and us.

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