Sustainable Design
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Sustainable Design

A Reliable Choice for Bioclimatic Buildings

At Artia we move forward with an increased sense of responsibility, inaugurating today the house of tomorrow. We offer complete and reliable solutions in terms of both design and construction in the field of modern bioclimatic houses.

As always, we adhere to the highest standards of safety, functionality and construction excellence, ensuring top performance in every bioclimatic project we undertake. Once again, our unique way of working follows specific procedures with the clear mission to best meet your needs.

These stages include:

- Initial meeting with the client

The design process kicks off right after your needs are identified. Getting to know you better is a necessary initial step in outlining the profile of your future home. So meeting you is where it all begins.

-Environmental analysis

The wider environment in which the bioclimatic project will be integrated plays an important role

throughout the process. An equally important stage is the study of this environment and the analysis of its particular characteristics that lead to certain decisions.

- Preliminary design

At this pre-design stage, we proceed with the volume measurements and the design of the respective spaces, always taking into account your budget. We then present the proposed design in a mock-up version or photorealistic model, which we examine together to make sure that the space meets your requirements.

- Final design & specifications

In the final phase of the design, we prepare the photorealistic design and the final model per request, while working on a series of final drawings including floor plans, sections, facades, axonometric, exploded axonometric etc.

Moreover, at this stage, we contact our suppliers in order to select the materials and the finishing products. Our team of experts plays a coordinating and consulting role, examining the proposals, presenting alternatives and ensuring that finally selected products are in line with the budget and achieve excellent results.

Collaborative Design

Construction projects are always about meeting your needs to the fullest and bioclimatic ones are no exception. We apply the highest standards, combine impressive design with advanced safety, innovation with functionality. We make good use of our extensive network of professional partners in the field, providing you with complete solutions, always staying in line with the implementation schedule and given budget.

We do what it takes to deliver excellence and welcome you in a beautiful and functional house that respects both your and our planet’s needs.

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