Property Management
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Property Management

Your property in good hands. Ours.

At Artia we have a long-term commitment to our customers. Our mission goes beyond delivering the keys to your new or renovated property. The relationship we build with you is life long, because we keep supporting you with any occurring need. In this context, we have created the Property Management Department. It's our way of putting our experience, resources and know-how, at the disposal not only of our old and new customers, but also of the wider community. Anyone interested can benefit from our unique and simplified approach to real estate maintenance and improvement, without having to experience the difficulties that arise when one chooses to undertake such tasks on their own.

A complete portfolio of real estate services is at your disposal, offering you the convenience and immediacy of a single point of contact. Our experienced team of professionals is always by your side, willing to go that extra mile in order to come even closer to your needs and to meet them to the fullest. Our unique inspection and maintenance approach, combined with the ability to respond to almost any problem, allows us to fulfill this mission. Today, tomorrow, always.

Information about the Property Management program

Annual Diagnostic Check

  • Property tour with the owner
  • Complete inspection of the property
  • Recording of repairs / improvements required and submission of a financial offer

Inspection and Maintenance

  • Regarding all home maintenance issues
  • Service available during normal business hours
  • Coordination of all work done, in and around the house
  • Inspection of the property during the holiday season
  • Getting a holiday property ready to use, whether it’ s a holiday home or tourist accommodation, and inspecting it after the end of the holiday season


  • Annual subscription
  • Charge per project
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