Sustainability & Construction
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Sustainability & Construction

Bioclimatic Homes at a glance

To build energy class A+ buildings is the main aim of bioclimatic constructions.

What does that mean in practice?

-Reduction of energy loss and energy savings of up to 70%

-Utilization of solar energy by installing photovoltaics on the roof

-Utilization of ecο friendly materials in the construction process

The basic principles of Bioclimatic Design


The building operates:

-as a natural solar collector during winter

-as a heat storage place

-as a heat trap

- as a protection shell and natural cooling storage place during summer

The benefits of Bioclimatic Design

It is an environmentally friendly and user-friendly architecture, which results in multiple benefits for both the customer and the wider community.

More specifically, some of the main benefits that derive from its use are the following:

- money saving

- non-use of fossil fuels

- environmental protection

- improving the interior of buildings, creating healthy living conditions -

in terms of thermal function, visual comfort and natural ventilation.

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