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Breathing new life to space

Bringing new life to old spaces is one of our most favorite challenges. Our long experience in the construction industry enables us to offer complete solutions at every level of the renovation process, doing our job as our name suggests: in a perfect way.

Staying true to our philosophy, we give each project the attention it deserves, no matter what the scale is. Our goal is once again to achieve the best result in every aspect: design, operation and cost-wise.

Renovation services fully meet the needs of all sorts of buildings, residential properties and private homes, industrial premises and offices, shops, tourist accommodation and public buildings. Our work covers pretty much everything: from total and partial renovation projects, all the way to energy upgrades, no need stays unattended.

Once again, at the core of each project we undertake, lies a flawless cooperation with our clients, with you. We seek to fully understand you, your personal desires and your professional goals. Together we come up with the new architectural study, define the budget and formulate the optimal plan with a clear schedule.

Together we redesign and reimagine your space, all over again.

Home Energy Upgrade Program

At a time when green growth is the only way to sustainability, this program is a great opportunity  for you to improve the energy efficiency of your home. The program assumes that this is your main residence and aims at its energy upgrade, by means of new technologies that build a "Smart Home".

As beneficiaries, you have the financial incentive to proceed to these kinds of interventions shielding your property, thus leading to an impressive reduction in energy costs. Whether it is a private home or entire residential complexes, the program can be implemented equally, giving property owners the opportunity to enhance the bioclimatic operation of their homes and to enjoy the benefits.

At Artia we make good use of our extensive experience, boasting a wide range of related works: from façade and rooftop thermal insulation to the replacement of doors and windows.

If your property rates low in terms of energy saving, then don’t miss the chance to upgrade it, ensuring maximum financial benefit, with a competent and reliable partner by your side. Artia.

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