About us

We are ARTIA, a modern construction company with a long history. The best way to introduce ourselves is through our projects. Since we started, back in 1962, we have taken over more than 1,000 constructions. Still, we are not particularly fond of numbers. We are more interested in real people behind them. All those who honored us with their trust. All those who chose us to house their dreams, personal or professional.

Our extensive portfolio includes residential buildings, private homes, industrial buildings, offices, hotels, shops, restaurants, as well as public works. Our range of services is wide and covers all stages of the construction process: from the initial design and licensing, construction and certification, all the way to the subsequent maintenance and management of the property.

We have substantial know-how, we base our work on high ethical standards, we remain firmly committed to the needs and schedules of our customers. Last but not least, we seek to be judged by the effectiveness of the projects we take over.

The word ARTIA in Greek means “whole, integral, intact”. The company’s core is exactly what its name suggests: the firm and unwavering commitment to the values ​​of integrity and excellence.



Our Values

Our moral foundations lie at the core of our operation, forming our definition of perfection. Ever since day one, the same values ​​characterize our corporate culture, leaving their mark on the way we interact with our customers and partners.

These are:

Human care

Our top priority has always been the well-being of people and the environment alike. We consciously and systematically promote "green" solutions, taking good care of common welfare.

Ethical and transparent action

Trust, respect and cooperation form the triptych on which we base our business culture.

Seamless evolution

We excel in what we do and we willingly share our know-how. We build constructive relationships with our customers and partners alike, always offering the most complete solutions.

Commitment to customers

We are always by our customers’ side, fully understanding  their needs and serving them in the best possible way.

Focus on quality

We let our projects do the talking. We have a passion for excellence and we deliver each and every project in the way our name suggests: perfectly.

Our Vision


To associate our name with construction perfection, signing a wide range of innovative, sustainable residential and commercial projects, intended for demanding customers who are won’t settle for anything less than the best there is.

Our purpose

To meet the needs of the people who trust us. Through innovative and sustainable solutions, we ensure the quality of life of them and future generations alike.

Our mission

To create modern, innovative and functional living spaces, in which our customers can prosper, while leaving a positive imprint on the local community and our planet.

Our Customers

Honoured by their trust

What does our clientele say about us? The fact that these leading companies have selected us for their construction needs, proves that we have won the challenge of reliability and excellence that we have set right from the very beginning.

We are proud of their trust. We thank them for their loyalty. We go on, with undiminished zeal, to build relationships of transparency and mutual respect with them and with whomever chooses us.

Our People

Our people, our power

Artia is all about its people. Human resources are our most valuable asset, the competitive advantage that characterizes us right from the very start. By creating fertile working grounds, in which every effort can grow and thrive, and by building a clearly human-centered business culture, we are able to put into practice our commitment to build a better world on a daily basis.

We thank the people who give their best to achieve our common vision and are always happy to welcome new people on board. If you share the desire to found the future of the construction industry, do contact us. Send us your CV today.

Athanasios Tsiotas

MA, Msc',s.  Architecture UTH

Constantinos Paloumpis


Ioanna Damaskinou

Civil Engineer 

Olympia Tzimaraka

Buisness Development & Marketing Manager