Dwelling the house of tomorrow At Artia we shape a better world every day, founding it on the principles of sustainability. For us green, sustainable growth is not just a theory, but rather an everyday practice and a tangible reality that all human beings can benefit from. In this context, we soon invested in the field of bioclimatic constructions, where we currently hold a leading role. The bioclimatic concept in the design of housing units is part of a general strategy of sustainability. It proposes a gentle, symbiotic management of the environment, both natural and structured, aiming to adjust buildings to given habitats and local climates, while ensuring ideal thermal conditions inside them. We consider green buildings a necessary precondition for the protection of our planet and of our well-being alike. It is our responsibility and moral obligation to create healthy and safe environments for future generations, to come up with innovative housing solutions that promote and improve living conditions. At the end of the day, behind the big plans, the even biggest ambitions and professional challenges, there is always the same goal: human prosperity. The spaces we create are intended for real people with real needs. Our mission is to create environments in which each human being can live as they deserve: in a pleasant, comfortable, aesthetically refined and -most importantly-  safe way. 

Sustainable Design

A Reliable Choice for Bioclimatic Buildings At Artia we move forward with an increased sense of responsibility, inaugurating today the house of tomorrow. We offer complete and reliable solutions in terms of both design and construction in the field of modern bioclimatic houses. As always, we adhere to the highest standards of safety, functionality and construction excellence, ensuring top performance…

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Sustainability & Construction

Bioclimatic Homes at a glance To build energy class A+ buildings is the main aim of bioclimatic constructions. What does that mean in practice? -Reduction of energy loss and energy savings of up to 70% -Utilization of solar energy by installing photovoltaics on the roof -Utilization of ecο friendly materials in the construction process The basic principles of Bioclimatic Design…

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